Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tea Time

Sometimes we need a little inspiration. I started reading E.O. Wilson's The Creation yesterday, setting up a palette on the front lawn. After a week of downcast weather, I needed a little sun. I'm starting to think about ways to bring the outdoors inside for the coming months, and this book has me thinking green. It's Wilson letter to a Southern Baptist preacher on why we need to put aside our literal reading of the Bible that the end is nigh and consider our earthly home (which if you are of the religious bent, the home God created.)

I've been reading a lot lately - from magazines to other peoples' blogs - and I've decided to post links to articles that I've read that explore ideas of home. I'm doing this every Monday. Mainly because I need something to look forward to on Mondays and I'm sure you do too. (Especially at 4 p.m. when you begin watching the clock.) I'll being calling these post Tea Time after the job I once had at the National Trust in London. Every day we stopped working to feast on dainty cakes and sweet cups of tea. Book chats and reviews of the latest plays, films, or bands, were highlights of our conversations.

Today's post comes from Two writers pose the question: Can a writer invest a random, worthless item with value by inventing a story about its significance?

Then check our the the duo's website. I'm thinking of all those trinkets that have begun to fill a vintage chest of drawers and the stories they could tell.

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