Friday, October 30, 2009

Falling for Words

It's time I confess. I already did so sitting with A. in a boutique candy shop in New Orleans, but I need to air it publicly. In the midst of moving, I've put my writing projects on hold. So affected by my surroundings, I found it imperative to shape parts of my new home to also somehow reflect me. The last few months have been productive. The bathroom is nearly complete, and we're making headway with some other maintenance work to the house long overdue. My things sit in familiar arrangements, and every once in a while I discover an old object from a box I decided to finally unpack.

Every Thursday night my cycling instructor shouts out at me (and to the class), "Where do you see yourself tomorrow?" I take her question seriously while I pedal furiously on my stationary bike. Maybe a few years ago I would have thought what I'm doing right now is like what I do in class spinning my wheels. But with experience backing me (and moving me forward), I've realized that even the little things we change or the small challenges we resolve enable us to grow.

There are two big writing projects I've been romancing the last two years, and now that I feel comfortable (comfort is the key) in my new home, it's time to fully realize them. Some of you know that one of the projects is about Thacker Mountain Radio, the show I produced for some time and wrote about for my Master's thesis. An editor is patiently waiting for the manuscript. The other is the makings of a book I think a lot of people will get. I don't want to disclose too much, so I'll tell you that it's about feeding people. It's a story I've had in me for a long time and certain things had to happen before I could even begin to shape it in words.

They say that sometimes falling in love is all about timing. Writing is the same way and I'm glad I am no longer fighting this notion.

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