Monday, December 7, 2009

Tea Time

(Home: Refuge from the big, bad, world. )

Funny how the little things can slow you down if you give them enough attention. For me, it was a lesson learned. ALWAYS call the police for even the most minor of car accidents. No longer living in my old hamlet, I'm reminded of the travails of city life, namely it's every person for themself. So I'm left to deal life's most recent curve ball: a twenty-something Atlanta-based musician rear-ended me.

At any rate, I managed to get over my funk just enough to tackle some more work on the house with Chris. Although we were bummed to hear that my sibling and her children won't be visiting this weekend, we were pleased to know that we didn't have to kill ourselves to finish the rest of the upstairs renovations. Somehow we managed to accomplish more than we set out to do, including, finishing the bathroom plumbing, installing hardware, priming the guest room, and last but not least, bake some ginger molasses cookies.

I'll post the recipe and some update photos. Also, we just sold the booth in the dining area. We were sad to see it go, but welcomed our first guests to our new table setting last Friday and the new arrangement left me all smiles.

Today's Teatime is from 20x200, a very cool project by NYC gallery owner Jen Bekman. Bekman was recently featured in the "home" section of the New York Times, but it's the art she sells at 20x200 that caught my eye. She regularly features artists whose work explores the idea of home. And her most recent artists listing, Amy Casey, fits the profile. Check it out and try to resist buying these limited edition prints.

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