Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Prize Friends

There's something to be said of an organized office. Last night I worked in the newly painted (and organized) space for a record breaking 2 hrs. Previously, I'd grow anxious with the time, ultimately leaving when my curiosity about what was going on elsewhere in the house got the better of me. Instead, I transcribed film for two hours with Turner at my heels.

I'm now able to consider my favorite part of the house. With the office nearly up to snuff, and the floor boards in place throughout both baths, it's a tough call. Who doesn't love a relaxing soak? (Count two of my friends who attest to only ever taking baths.) On the way home from a shoot in Gwinnett County, I was told of a little boy's class exercise in which he had to describe his favorite room. He cited the office because "his parents let him hang his best artwork."

I keep the proof of my successes (pdfs of articles, certificates of achievements) filed away in boxes. While in Florida, I found a trophy from 6th grade. I can't remember exactly why I earned it - probably grades - but I took it back home with me. It's now sitting on my desk and tucked into the golden eagles perched on the marble is a picture of my friends. Making good friends over the years is perhaps my greatest achievement.

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