Friday, November 13, 2009

View from a Room

I wish you all could see the gorgeous vista I'm presently enjoying. It's a blue sky and my pansies are drinking in the sun. (I will too on a long run this afternoon.)

I been very busy at both the architecture and construction firms lately, but the busyness has recharged my batteries. OR perhaps it's just fall. I always feel sluggish in the summer months, trading exercise for ice cream or any other thing with the word 'ice' in it. Now as I watch the leaves fall in our back yard, I'm contemplating a weekend of chores I'm more than willing to tackle.

I'm hoping we'll continue our new tradition of Goldberg's at 9 (which is the site of Chris' weekly pastrami fest) and then I'll attempt the following:

  1. Clean non-public areas of house to match the now gleaming front area
  2. Vacuum car
  3. Rework intro for exhibition on sustainability for Gwinnett Environmental Center
  4. Rework marketing materials for a client
  5. Finish article tentatively title Comfort Me with North Georgia Apples
  6. Sort through old clothes/closets
  7. Begin stock piling for next weekend's yard sale
  8. Finish bathroom for good!
  9. Start jewelry chest project
  10. Write!
Maybe I won't tackle everything, but there's nothing more satisfying than crossing things off a list.

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