Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just Peachy

(Leviathan, Bo Bartlett.)

There are a few things that I'm enjoying presently in our home.
1) Aquiesse candles from Devonshire in Brookhaven. (I've also discovered an intriguingly named Febreeze air freshener called Moroccan Bazaar. I initially bought it on lark for Chris since he lived in Morocco for a time, but at a fraction of the price of the candle and since we both enjoy the scent, we've kept it.)
2) A postcard I spied at A.'s house in New Orleans promoting the work of Georgia-artist Bo Bartlett. His paintings are evocative of Andrew Wyeth, but with a fateful twist.
3) A sweet potato pie leftover from dinner with Chris' parents on Saturday. Subtle cinnamon and a creamy filling. This is the sweet potato pie of my dreams.
4) Narcisco Rodriguez perfume. A birthday gift and a wonderful airy contrast to my deeply seductive - but equally heady and very 80s - Paloma Picasso.
5) Sibyl Moholy-Nagy's (aka Sybil Peach) book Native Genius in Anonymous Architecture. I'm reading this for research on a sustainable design exhibition that I'm working on with Houser Walker Architecture and the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center. It demonstrates how native builders contributed to modern architecture. And yes, she is the wife of the surrealist photographer.

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