Tuesday, September 22, 2009

After the Flood

(Last week we built a bathroom. This week will be an ark.)

Just before I reversed out of the driveway, our neighbor appeared in the backyard to let me know that Em was running loose. Apparently a tree fell in the middle of the night and he found Em rooting around his yard. (She's a runaway dog most days, so everyone knows her.)

Needless to say, Chris took the chainsaw to the tree and built a makeshift solution until we can take care of the fence. Much of west Atlanta remains under water, a sight that eerily reminds me of New Orleans after Katrina.

I visited New Orleans a few months after the hurricane and I still remember how difficult it was to navigate the city without any street signs or lights, for that matter. Parts of Atlanta have disappeared under the water in the same way the 9th ward was reduced to a water stained chunk of the city. Not nearly as many lives have been claimed by the rain, but I am reminded of the fragile nature of homes despite their brick and mortar foundations.

The sun has finally opened her eyes to us this afternoon -- time to move on from the darkness.

Image Source: AJC, Phil Skinner

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